Top Irish Sport Horse Cloned

Cruising-ArishOn 13 February it was announced that two clones of Cruising, one of the most successful and influential sport horse sires ever — have been cloned.

According to sources, biopses of the stud have been taken back in 2011. Owner Mary McCann previously said to the press that he hadn’t ruled out cloning the successful stallion.

The owner said that they were approached by a US company back in 2011 to take the biopsies.

“It was not that easy seeing that a lot of people don’t approve of the idea of cloning, so it took about three months to weigh it up,” he said when asked. “But after a lot of research we discovered how many clones are around, so we decided to go for it.”

The cost for cloning a race horse are estimated to be around £100,000. The procedure involved taking cells from a donor animal and implanting then in an unfertilized egg with the DNA removed and being placed in a host mare.

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