Want to Get Fit and in Shape? Now Is the Time

With the New Year barely a week old it is now the perfect time to shed some pounds so you will be fit and in shape comes spring and summer!

If you’re still on the lookout for a good gym, here are some tips that can help you to find the right one!

The first thing you should know is that you should not just look at the price when you want to join a gym. There are many bargain gym studious that won’t offer you more than a membership card and access to their equipment.

Most of the time, this won’t be of much use especially if you don’t know about the right equipment to use for those pesky problem zones! Not everyone is a health and fitness expert and many gyms out there are lacking when it comes to giving their members tips and advice about the right exercise routines and equipment to use.

So, rather than trying to save the one or the other buck, try to get a gym membership that includes a personal trainer or, if you can find one, join a gym that offers specialised training classes as well.

With such a gym membership where a professional trainer can give you tips you will be a lot better off. You will see the desired result a lot quicker and you will always know that you do the right routines if you want to lose weight or strengthen your muscles. It’s possible that such a membership that includes a trainer costs a little bit more but it’s definitely worth it if you do something for your fitness and health!

My personal recommendation: Check out yoga in Hackney at the London Fields Fitness studio! In case Yoga is not for you they have more courses as well that range from martial arts, muscle training to dancing.

7% Growth of UK’s Fashion Industry In Recent Years

The fashion industry in the United Kingdom does pretty well, according to an article at Drapers Online. The article cites a 7% growth of the U.K.’s fashion industry during their recent years.

With this substantial increase, the U.K.’s fashion industry is growing faster than the wider economy in the nation.

In the years to August 31 2014, the industry grew by 3%. This past summer season experienced a growth of 2% which is the fastest increase in more than five years.

Several British industry experts amongst them the head of fashion at Kantar stated their opinion that the observed increase is mainly due to increased consumer confidence in the recent years. Mr Mitchell to the press: “Consumers are feeling comfortable buying more items despite the rather silly price inflation. This led to expenditure growing at its fastest rate since 2010”